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Don’t Let Outdated Enterprise Applications Hold You Back

Gone are the days when enterprise applications were just a tactical part of your operations. Today, business systems are an integral aspect of running a successful business. Blue Monday Consulting can assist you in propelling your enterprise applications modernization initiatives forward, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve. Let us demonstrate how you can capitalize on the most recent advancements, including Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, to achieve your goals and enhance the benefits of modernizing your enterprise systems.

Who We Are

We are not your typical technology consulting company. We are domain experts that go beyond the norm to uncover new possibilities. Our flexible approach ensures we tackle every challenge with precision and creativity, taking into account specific facts. We work alongside you and co-create solutions to unlock potential and drive your vision forward. Blue Monday Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive advisory and strategy consulting services pertaining to enterprise applications, including underlying business processes. With several decades of experience serving clients across various industries, our team is skilled in enterprise application modernization, improving processes, and eliminating operational inefficiencies.

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Enterprise Applications Selection

If you're looking to select new enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, or similar business technologies, or want to modernize your existing ones, we're here to assist you throughout the selection process.

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Artificial Intelligence

Many companies understand the potential value of AI in enterprise settings, but are struggling with getting started.  Blue Monday is helps organizations develop customized roadmaps that outline and deliver on short-, medium- and long-term opportunities for capitalizing on this change in the business landscape.


Applications Implementation Readiness

Prior to implementing enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, and MES, it's essential to comprehensively define process requirements that cover multiple touchpoints.

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