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Siamak Razmazma
Advisory and Strategy Consultant in Technology Transformation

Providing advisory and strategy services including expert guidance, strategic planning, risk assessment, change management, cost efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Siamak Razmazma is a seasoned strategic advisor specializing in technology transformation within enterprise initiatives. With a focus on emerging technologies and enterprise systems, he is a respected thought leader and is known for articulating the business advantages of investing in new tech. As a trusted advisor to prominent companies across diverse industries, Siamak has helped numerous businesses stay competitive by developing future-proof business system strategies and facilitating transitions from legacy systems to latest technologies. With over 35 years of experience, Siamak currently helms Blue Monday Consulting as its founder and president.

Siamak ardently believes that technological progress can greatly improve our world when utilized to its fullest potential. With a keen interest in making complex technology concepts approachable, Siamak strives to simplify these ideas so that everyone can grasp their purpose and advantages. Holding a postgraduate degree in advanced doctoral studies in anthropological sociology from the University of Saint Denis in France and a higher-education diploma in computer studies from University of Nanterre in France, Siamak brings a unique perspective to the tech industry.


I am in constant quest for innovative and stimulating initiatives. Let's get in touch!

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