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Custom Extensions for Enterprise Applications

Custom extensions to enterprise applications, such as ERP or CRM systems, significantly improve their usability and greatly enhance efficiency for business users. At Blue Monday, we offer a comprehensive development methodology and extensive expertise in designing, building, and deploying custom extensions to the enterprise applications. Our goal is to provide our clients with robust and effective solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Examples of our recent custom extension projects comprise:

Data collection for revenue recognition

Example 1: Our client offers combined training packages and consulting services, delivered over a set number of days using Microsoft D365 ERP for accounting and operational processes. Consulting services can be invoiced pre- or post-service, but revenue is only recognized upon receipt of proof of service delivery. This process involves a complex scheduling system that alerts consultants once a consulting event is over, prompting them to either confirm or reject the delivery. This confirmation serves as proof of service delivery, which then triggers the revenue recognition process.

Solution: The Blue Monday team created a solution that functions as an extension to the ERP. This tool automates the process of gathering data from consultants, records proof of delivery, and tracks any related modifications. The gathered data is managed through a persistent data model and database, which acts as the primary source for revenue recognition within the ERP.

Centralized calendar for service scheduling

Example 2: Our client offers events that are sold based on a predetermined number of event days. When the dates for providing events are established, event administrators must locate available event facilitators and book their availability on a central calendar. Event facilitators manually enter their availability on the shared calendar, allowing event administrators to assign them to scheduled events. However, this practice of frequently updating the central calendar manually by event facilitators, and keeping it up to date by event administrators, has been prone to errors resulting in frequent inaccuracies and customer dissatisfaction.

Solution: Blue Monday developed an extension to the central calendar that utilizes APIs to integrate the personal Outlook calendars of event facilitators with the shared calendar. This integration ensures that the availability of event facilitators is updated in real-time on the shared calendar, eliminating the need for manual input. Additionally, the event administrators no longer have to manually update the shared calendar.

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