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Legacy Enterprise Applications Enhancement

We offer assistance in enhancing your existing enterprise applications such as ERP, Warehouse Management System, and Manufacturing Execution System to optimize your business operations and achieve faster time-to-value. Enhancing legacy systems can prove advantageous when implementing new enterprise systems or when replacement of legacy systems is not a current consideration. Our team of experts will provide guidance and the necessary tools to help you understand the process, assess any technical risks, and develop a comprehensive plan. We can assist you in improving your current systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency, allowing you to focus on outlining your modernization strategy and integrating the latest technologies and innovations.Our services extend to the creation of bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific enterprise needs and compatible with technical upgrades for your legacy systems. Some notable instances of recent legacy enhancement projects we've undertaken include the integration of sophisticated pricing models into Salesforce to enhance opportunity management capabilities, as well as the gathering of pertinent data on events and proof of delivery concerning consulting services to facilitate revenue recognition utilizing an off-the-shelf system.

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