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Technology Change Management

Introducing enterprise applications such as ERP and its ecosystem can be a significant change for any organization, as it involves both human and technological dimensions. Change Management primarily concentrates on dealing with the human aspect of the transition. This comprises recognizing stakeholders, communicating goals and benefits, offering training and education, and providing continuous support. Through Change Management, it is ensured that the shift to the new system is seamless.The acceptance and adoption of new enterprise applications fall under the technology dimension of the change. In order to achieve a high adoption rate of technology, it is imperative to involve essential stakeholders in the implementation process and build awareness regarding the impact of technology on enhancing operational performance. Consistent communication with business users can also assist in resolving any potential issues and maintaining engagement.Our vast experience in modernizing enterprise applications has enabled us to establish a comprehensive methodology that addresses both the human and technology dimensions of change. With our proficiency, we can help spread awareness amongst stakeholders regarding the potential of enterprise applications to enhance processes and generate real operational efficiencies. We emphasize the engagement of all stakeholders and business users and provide continual practical training and support to ensure successful adoption of technology and address any concerns that may arise.

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